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We are different to the Lib Dems and here are 12 reasons to why you should join The Liberal Party. 

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We have a number of leaflets that are ready to be delivered in Altrincham and Sale West, and a second full leaflet in a target ward.

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Please take a few minutes to download and read through the 2017 Liberal Party Manifesto. 

Download this file (The Liberal Party Manifesto 2017.pdf)Liberal Party Manifesto 2017[Please take a look at the 2017 Liberal Party Manifesto. ]592 kB

We are the Trafford Liberal party, something new for the borough, a refreshing change to what we have had to put up with all these years, a party that is for the people, and one that will deliver on its promises. 

The Trafford Liberal Party will go that extra mile for every resident, resilient, ambitious and above all refreshing. 

Neil Taylor who has formed a branch of The Liberal Party here in Trafford has lived in Trafford all of his life, he grew up in Hale, and attended schools in the Timperley area, he has his heart in Trafford and knows what the residents want and need. 

He left school at the age of sixteen and worked in photographic industry before going into a partnership in 1987 with a well known business that is still going strong today. 

Neil has been a volunteer all of his life, and has helped to start up a number of community groups. Currently chairperson for the Altrincham Festival and the Timperley Country Fair. In 2006, Neil was to become an elected member of Trafford Council and served until 2014, also in 2006 he did a downshift re his life and business. A new IT business was set up doing web solutions and is still trading today. 

Neil is Married to Sandra with four children , two dogs and currently three chickens, and can be found out and about talking with people. 

The Trafford Liberal Party, the voice that Trafford really needs, and the promises that we can keep.

This is a younger Neil 


The Trafford Liberal Party are pleased to announce that we will be fielding a candidate in Trafford, and Neil Taylor has been chosen to stand in the Altrincham and Sale West Constituency.

Neil Taylor, was a sitting Councillor on Trafford Council 2006-2014 and had played a key role within the Trafford Liberal Democrats. He was local party chair in 2010 and campaign manager during the 2010 General Election, which saw the Lib Dems achieve second place.

Taylor comments:
“I have become dismayed with the Trafford Liberal Democrat Party, who have become out of touch with members and activists, old and new. I have joined the real Liberal Party because of my Liberal Values, and I am looking forward to progressing to make the Trafford Liberals the real alternative voice, here in Trafford."

So why not come and join us.

As your parliamentary candidate, I will be fighting for the local issues that affect everyday people like you and me. I have lived locally all of my 55 years, and throughout my life I have been a highly active volunteer, just quietly getting on with helping to make our local area that little bit better.

Ask yourself what is your local Conservative sitting MP Graham Brady doing for you? He is out of touch in this area, and his voting record in the Commons has been one to make the working class suffer through cuts to services and to benefits for the most vulnerable in society, including the disabled.

The Labour Party is in complete chaos, and the lurch to the left under Corbyn is going to crush the Labour party in this general election. The Labour Party in its current form cannot provide an effective opposition.

The Liberal Democrats voice on remain is honourable, but we are where we are, and holding more referendums is really not a good way to go. The same with the Green Party calling for another referendum on Brexit, please let's not divide this country anymore. We need to learn from the recent past.

Article 50 and the post-2017 General Election negotiations are going to make or break this country. All political parties must unite to get the very best deal for the United Kingdom, and to protect all of our UK citizens and nationals, here and abroad.

But, do not let the Brexit issue become a smoke screen for what the Conservatives will do if they get back into power. They will, as they always have done, protect the wealthy and the upper classes. They will be looking to make cuts that will hurt the disabled, the less well off - those that are now caught in a poverty trap which is spinning out of control. In 2017 we should not see food banks as being "a part of everyday life"! You or I, at any time, could lose our income and become homeless, and need help. The current benefits system is degrading.

The homeless situation infuriates me with nothing being done as the politicians talk, and talk some more (about aspirations?!), and given a photo op, jumping on things so it looks as though they care. I have been helping a homeless person for several months, having found a safe place for him, I do his washing, check on his well-being, make sure that where he lives is clean and tidy. Simple things that are helping a person's life.

Can you believe that Trafford Council has introduced a stealth tax for being green! If you want to renew, reduce and recycle your green waste you are now forced to pay an extra tax, not to mention the hike in your council tax bill, which is now going to rise, year on year.

What an almighty ill thought out idea the "Greater Manchester Spatial Framework" is. This seems to now be a national policy under this Conservative Government, the general policy would seem to be "If grass can grow on it lets build on it". This simply is not good enough. Housing and affordable social housing (that cannot be snapped up by foreign investors) is needed. Housing was neglected under Labour when in office, and now the Conservatives, not done Jack... Funny how an election gets called and Social Housing is on the agenda again?

But back to the green belt and building. Every bit of brown field must be investigated first, no ifs, no buts. The Green belt areas exist for a reason. They are the lungs to take in the air pollution and, in many cases, it's the most polluted areas we live in.

Here in Altrincham and Sale West, the "Timperley Wedge" is under threat - this is the green area, the lungs from Manchester Airport, help us get natural clean air quality. Building on the greenbelt is another way for your council to increase the housing stock, to trigger more council tax and so becomes another stealth tax (remember you now have a stealth green tax if you want to recycle green waste).

The Liberal Party believes that each generation is responsible for the fate of the Earth and the balance of nature, and every citizen shall possess liberty, property and security, and none shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

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We do not get any funding unlike the Conservatives, who get funding from individuals in business/banking. Labour are still heavily funded (and controlled) by the Trade Unions, and the Lib Dems have a healthy income stream nationally via wealthy donors. Trafford Liberals get ZERO external funding, so if you can help in any way, no matter how small, it really will help us to make a difference.


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If you are reading this, then you will want to know a bit more about the Trafford Liberal Party, some come on over to find a little bit more then get in contact with us.  


People like you can really make a difference.

"Here in Trafford where I live, I see day to day the need to make things that little bit better. The Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems are all taking snipes,this is not good" 

Neil Taylor

Do you believe in a Liberal Society in which every citizen shall possess liberty, property and security, and none shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity?

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