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Are you worried about the greenbelt that could be lost at the Timperley Wedge? I am and that is for sure. Please can you spend a moment and contact me via THIS LINK.

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Other areas like Carrington Moss are also under threat.



Andy Burnham Mayor for great Manchester promised to protect our greenbelt. This promise like many things he has said has turned out to just be words, and no action.
54 NEW developments in greater Manchester are proposed.  Here in Trafford some green areas became a political football pitch in 2018 and the Conservatives lost control over plans to build on areas like Flixton.
 It comes as no surprise that marginal wards like Flixton have been taken out of the equation!

Post 2018 local Trafford elections the Lib Dem group formed a pact with Labour to form a local coalition. Part of that deal was that the “Timperley Wedge” would be saved from development.
Here we see the statement that the Lib Dems put out saying the green belt would be  saved to be totally fiction, and the Timperley wedge is now on the cards for development.
The local Conservatives had their eye  on the Timperley wedge so please take no nonsense from any propaganda that will spew your way from them.

Neil Taylor from the Trafford Liberal Party states “This is a huge disappointment, but not a surprise. The mayor of greater Manchester Andy Burnham is a man of words, but little action he has let us down.
 The local Lib Dems are left weak in the pact they have with the local Labour group, do not trust them on the deals that they claimed to have made. I warned last year that this day would come, please see the Vlog that I did warning about this. Here in Trafford I will do what I can to save our green belt areas from unnecessary development. “

Extract below taken from the Manchester Evening News:

“Arguably the borough that saw the biggest political ructions as a result of 2016’s plan.
The then-Tory administration had earmarked land around Flixton Station - including the William Wroe golf course - for 750 homes, but the backlash was immediate.
Ultimately a vociferous campaign, backed by Labour, helped to see the Conservatives lose control of the council at the following local election.That site has now, unsurprisingly, been taken out by the new administration, but the two chunkier green belt developments proposed in the original draft remain in place.”

Timperley Wedge: 2,400 homes, 60,000 sq m employment space are the new proposal. Nevertheless plans have been trimmed since the 2016 version, reducing the number of proposed homes from 3,300.

People are going to be very angry about these plans, please get involved locally to save the small areas of green belt that we have.

Michael Le Vell - Kevin Webster NOT aware about the greenbelt destruction.


We would like to thank the people that voted The Liberal Party for Wayne Harrison (Hale Central) and Neil Taylor (Timperley) at the May 3rd local elections.

As a new party here in Trafford we have a lot to do, and perhaps you would like to come and join us.

As we watched Trafford Council go into no overall control on May 3rd 2018 we will be watching to what the developments on this will be.
So far Labour have been doing a lot of talk about wards north of the Borough, and they already mention the  scrapping of development on green belt in Flixton, but we have big concerns about the proposed plans for The Timperley Wedge and The Trafford Liberal Party want to see these plans scrapped.


Why not sign up and become a member of The Liberal Party.
Please visit our  contact Page by clicking the following link  ->Trafford Liberals

Trafford, vote share:
Lab: 47.3% (+9.1)
Con: 36.8% (-2.0)
LDem: 7.3% (-0.5)
Grn: 6.4% (-2.8)
UKIP: 1.2% (-4.7)

Results of seats up:
Lab: 13 (+4)
Con: 7 (-5)
Grn: 2 (+2)
LDem: 0 (-1)
Chgs. w/ 2014

Shame there are no stats for The Liberal Party / Independants. 


How horrible is dog poo!

Find out more about this idea by clicking on the following link Dog POO! DNA Registration


Neil Taylor who is standing in the Timperley Ward says a few words about his connections with Timperley.
Other candidates just parachute in with no local connections.
In this years local elections you have a chance to put a Liberal Voice back in Timperley.
Can you help Neil in Timperley? Just let us know by clicking on THIS LINK


We are happy to announce that the Liberal Party will have two Liberal candidates in this year’s May local elections.
Neil Taylor former Timperley ward Councillor will be sitting in his old ward of Timperley, and Wayne Harrison will be sitting in Hale Central.

This will be the first time in 30 years that you get a chance to vote for a true Liberal Candidate.

Here are a few words from Wayne Harrison.
Wayne is a wheelchair user and has cerebral palsy; his main issues are disabled rights and access along with many other things.


Some have asked about how homeless  Anthony is doing during this cold spell and the sub zero temperatures. Neil Taylor caught up with him, and here are a few words to let everyone know he is safe and warm.



Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

Following election of the Mayor in May 2017 part of the GMSF may become the Spatial Strategy and part will remain a joint development plan document to be adopted by the resolution of the full Councils of all 10 authorities

The Timperley Wedge, a green belt area between Manchester / airport and Trafford.

This green belt area is now under serious threat, and we must protect the lungs that nature has created.

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework The second draft of the plan is currently being developed, with a view to publish it in June 2018. Following publication of the draft plan, there will be a 12-week consultation with the public.
The statement that “3,300 residential units in a mix of housing types and tenures. Whilst the majority will be higher value, low density properties” is alarming.

Trafford Conservatives have got this well and truly on their radar, and Trafford Labour have also singled out the Timperley Wedge for prime development. The Trafford Lib Dems claim that they want to protect the green belt, but they want to build an additional 40 car parking spaces on Lark Hill a green space in the heart of Timperley. Trafford is unable to maintain the existing infrastructure it has in place, with the roads collapsing, a mass of potholes damaging vehicles. Plus oversubscribed schools and a local authority that is unable to cope as it is.

A huge amount of local greenspace /greenbelt is under threat.
Timplerley Wedge, Davenport Green: 3,300 homes, office space;
Wording from the MEN

development in Trafford – linked to the neighbouring airport city expansion – is likely to prove controversial.
The plan allocates a large slice of land south of Ridgeway Road in Timperley and stretching round and down to Davenport Green as suitable for 3,300 mostly luxury homes and 50,000 sqm of office space.
It notes that this site includes some green belt, but says that thanks to urban development nearby it no longer feels like open countryside – and stresses sports fields such as those at Bowdon rugby club would be protected.
The location would be 'attractive' for families and could sustain an entirely new community, it says, noting that the land has 'long been identified' as somewhere that could support airport-related development.
Nevertheless nearby residents are unlikely to be impressed, having repeatedly opposed the development of green space in Davenport Green over the years.
The fields have long been viewed as an essential buffer between the airport and communities and were the subject of a long battle five years ago to keep them out of Trafford council's development strategy.”

Here is what is on the map for development.


We all know what a mess, dog mess is. Lucky that most responsible dog owners do pick up and clean up after their dogs, but sadly its common place to see dog mess.

Dog DNA Registration is an interesting concept and this idea could be a possible solution.

 Local authorities are now including dog DNA registration as a condition of new Public Space Protection Orders. This is intended to permanently eradicate dog fouling and identify irresponsible dog owners in an efficient, cost effective manner.   

Cheshire West and Chester Council(CWAC) are now at the review stage of an existing PSPO. They have now included the following elements into their PSPO public consultation:

  1. Dog DNA registration as a condition of access on certain open spaces that have been identified as having persistent dog fouling problems. (Far more effective and efficient use of patrol time to enforce upon compliance with a PSPO condition, than to try and catch irresponsible dog owners in the act.)
  2. Dog DNA registration being offered as a lower cost(£35) alternative to the £100 fixed penalty notice for those who are caught allowing their dog to foul. The intention is to deter and identify repeat offenders.

 On chatting with Officers at CWAC, I understand that they have determined that it is reasonable to include dog DNA registration into a PSPO, following new guidance released by the Home Office in relation to dog control. Dog DNA registration within a PSPO, will form the basis for a framework of legislation that will prove decisive in finally stamping out this persistent nuisance. Given that the onus will be on dog owners to comply, there should be zero cost for implementing this new strategy.
 Most local authorities in England and Wales now have a PSPO focused on dog control. Its slightly different in Scotland, and there is no reason why DNA registration of dogs cannot be introduced to the licensing regime in Northern Ireland. 

Thank you to Gary Downie Streetkleen Bio Ltd for allowing us to share this information. 


As a former Councillor for the Timperley Ward, Taylor has always been keen to promote the local area, and this very much continues today with his work within the local  community groups that he works with.

Hear Neil in this clip on the BBC promoting Timperley.


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"Here in Trafford where I live, I see day to day the need to make things that little bit better. The Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems are all taking snipes,this is not good" 

Neil Taylor

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