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With Labour tearing itself apart and being hijacked by the far left we need an alternative

Unlike the Lib Dems who sold out to the Tory Party, the continuing Liberal Party have stuck to our principles.  We support a dynamic economy, encourage individual enterprise, promote social justice and the development of individuals and communities. Here are a few of our key policies: 

Europe and the World We respect the vote of the people and their decision to leave the EU.

We also wish to be more focused in the global economy, forging relationships across the world, whilst maintaining and evolving our relationship with the EU. 

Social Justice and Low Pay We believe that government should tackle the gross inequalities of earnings and wealth.

Income Tax and National Insurance thresholds should be raised to remove those on low pay from the tax and benefits trap, to improve the disposable income of the working poor and low paid pensioners. 

Help for Small Business For an economy to grow we must encourage small businesses and social enterprises.

The ever-increasing  ‘red  tape’ burdens of administration on small business and community charities is strangling our ability to grow the  economy. These burdens need to be removed for small businesses and social enterprises and made proportionate  for medium size and larger organisations depending on their turnover value. 

Education for All We should restore the principle of  Free  Education.

Tuition fees need to be abolished;

these could be funded by a modest increment of inheritance tax excluding the family home. Let the capital of one generation fund the human investment of the next generation. And a comprehensive network of children centres is an essential  investment to ensure children get a good start in both education and  health. 

Housing for all

Whilst Liberals welcome home ownership we also recognise the need to provide social mobility. A reasonable  and balanced housing stock of social and private housing is required. Everyone should be entitled to a decent home. Local councils should be empowered to take steps considering the housing market in their area. We need  legislation to protect leaseholders and shared ownership tenants from excessive charges. 

Crime and Community Policing

Our jails are overcrowded, and we have one of the worst re-offending rates for criminals than any other European Country. We need a justice system that trains and has those who commit crime working in the  community to repay their debt, not just locked up. We also need support for those with mental health problems  who so often end up caught  up  in  crime.

If you agree with us, why not join the Liberal Party?
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We do not get any funding unlike the Conservatives, who get funding from individuals in business/banking. Labour are still heavily funded (and controlled) by the Trade Unions, and the Lib Dems have a healthy income stream nationally via wealthy donors. Trafford Liberals get ZERO external funding, so if you can help in any way, no matter how small, it really will help us to make a difference.


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"Here in Trafford where I live, I see day to day the need to make things that little bit better. The Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems are all taking snipes,this is not good" 

Neil Taylor

Do you believe in a Liberal Society in which every citizen shall possess liberty, property and security, and none shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity?

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We hope that you have enjoyed your visit to our web site, and perhaps have have found out a little more about us, we would really like to hear from you to let us know how you feel about where you live, and what issues concern you. 


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