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At a recent full council meeting your local Conservatives voted AGAINST PROTECTING YOUR GREEN SPACE,, and greenbelt land such as that at Timperley Wedge and Carrington. This also includes urban green space, trees and vegetation.

The local Conservatives are saying one thing, but doing another. 
















Here is what your local Conservatives voted against, in full.

This Council notes the contrasting statements from National Government and GM in relation to assessed housing need in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF). 

The council also notes the many delays in revising the document, which still contains the release of significant amounts of green belt.  Council recognises that the revised GMSF reduces the number of units on the greenbelt. However, Council is concerned that Trafford is still loosing large areas of green belt land. 

Council notes that in November 2018’s Climate Emergency motion, all parties agreed that the impacts of climate change, are so severe that governments at all levels must work together and make this their top priority. In the same decision, Council also committed to seek advice from experts to develop a carbon budget and set a challenging target date for carbon neutrality in Trafford. 

This commitment to meeting our climate change responsibilities means that: 

(i)       We must do what we can to protect all our greenspaces, in particular greenbelt land such as that at Timperley Wedge and Carrington. This also includes urban green space, trees and vegetation. 

(ii)     We must protect natural carbon sinks like the wetlands at Carrington Moss and elsewhere, as well as Sites of Biological Importance.

 (iii)   We must ask for massively increased support for public and active transport. 

(iv)    Trafford Council cannot commit to the increase in air travel projected in this draft of the GMSF.

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