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Andy Burnham Mayor for great Manchester promised to protect our greenbelt. This promise like many things he has said has turned out to just be words, and no action.
54 NEW developments in greater Manchester are proposed.  Here in Trafford some green areas became a political football pitch in 2018 and the Conservatives lost control over plans to build on areas like Flixton.
 It comes as no surprise that marginal wards like Flixton have been taken out of the equation!

Post 2018 local Trafford elections the Lib Dem group formed a pact with Labour to form a local coalition. Part of that deal was that the “Timperley Wedge” would be saved from development.
Here we see the statement that the Lib Dems put out saying the green belt would be  saved to be totally fiction, and the Timperley wedge is now on the cards for development.
The local Conservatives had their eye  on the Timperley wedge so please take no nonsense from any propaganda that will spew your way from them.

Neil Taylor from the Trafford Liberal Party states “This is a huge disappointment, but not a surprise. The mayor of greater Manchester Andy Burnham is a man of words, but little action he has let us down.
 The local Lib Dems are left weak in the pact they have with the local Labour group, do not trust them on the deals that they claimed to have made. I warned last year that this day would come, please see the Vlog that I did warning about this. Here in Trafford I will do what I can to save our green belt areas from unnecessary development. “

Extract below taken from the Manchester Evening News:

“Arguably the borough that saw the biggest political ructions as a result of 2016’s plan.
The then-Tory administration had earmarked land around Flixton Station - including the William Wroe golf course - for 750 homes, but the backlash was immediate.
Ultimately a vociferous campaign, backed by Labour, helped to see the Conservatives lose control of the council at the following local election.That site has now, unsurprisingly, been taken out by the new administration, but the two chunkier green belt developments proposed in the original draft remain in place.”

Timperley Wedge: 2,400 homes, 60,000 sq m employment space are the new proposal. Nevertheless plans have been trimmed since the 2016 version, reducing the number of proposed homes from 3,300.

People are going to be very angry about these plans, please get involved locally to save the small areas of green belt that we have.

Michael Le Vell - Kevin Webster NOT aware about the greenbelt destruction.

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"Here in Trafford where I live, I see day to day the need to make things that little bit better. The Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems are all taking snipes,this is not good" 

Neil Taylor

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